Alzheimer's: Finding the Words by Harriet Hodson (Chronimed Publishing. 1995).

Our favorite. Simple yet comprehensive.

The Validation Breakthrough by Naomi Feil
(Health Professions Press. 1994).

Good primer on validation methods and communication skills to use with different Alzheimer's populations. Another one of our favorites.

Alzheimer's Disease Video narrated by C. Everett Koop (Time Life Video, 1996).

Informative 30 minute video available at most pharmacies. Recommended.

Validation - The Feil Method by Naomi Feil
(Feil Productions, 1992).

Original primer on validation. Not as complete or entertaining as "Breakthrough".

The 36 Hour Day by Mace & Rabins
(Johns Hopkins University press, 1991).

Very informative. Unfortunately, also fairly dry. Good material though.

Caring for Maria by Bernard Heywood
(Element Books, 1994).

Journal of the descent into dementia. Sad story, but informative.

Living in the Labyrinth by Diana F. McGowin
(Delta Trade Paperbacks, 1994).

Instructive first-hand journal of author as she enters the early stages of Alzheimer's. Quick read. Another Barton House favorite.

Alzheimer's Disease - A practical Guide by Judah L. Ronch (Crossroad Publishing, 1993).

Good overview for the professional caregiver or counselor. Could be too technically oriented for some families.

Caring for the Alzheimer's Patient by Dippel & Hutton (Prometheus, 1991).

For caregivers. Very technical. Medically oriented.

Alzheimer's: A Caregiver's Guide by Howard Greuetzner (Wiley & Sons, 1992).

Another technical caregiver's guide. Describes Alzheimer's at the cellular level.

Failure-Free Activities for the Alzheimer's Patient by Carmel Sheridan (Dell, 1987).

Simple, easy activities for supervised groups and individuals.


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About this page: Helpful books about Alzehimer's disease by the Barton House, an Alzheimer's care facility with locations in Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, and Ft. Worth, Texas.

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