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Kim Greenwood, LVN, BSN, Administrator
I graduated from the Licensed Vocational Nursing Program at St. Phillip's College in San Antonio in 1994. I additionally worked as a registrar in the Emergency Room at South Austin Medical Center which taught me a lot about the world of healthcare. Hospital and clinic nursing soon followed, but I found them to be restrictive in their approach to caregiving. Throughout this time, I pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration from St. Edward's University, which I completed last year.
I love 
the fact that I am in a field of work were I am constantly learning new skills and life-lessons. It is awe inspiring when a resident with Alzheimer's Disease teaches you to live in the moment and to enjoy every minute you have here with those you love.
When not at Barton House I enjoy reading, tennis, crossword puzzles and spending time with my husband, Rocky and our pets, Cody and Crash. My husband and I are going to attempt something new this summer (2000). We are going to try the sport of skeet shooting at a nearby range in Lockhart.

Kim Nemec, MA, LPC, Activity Programmer
I began at the Austin Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association as their Program Director. This introduced me to those with Dementia, their families, and its community. I enjoy the kinship at Barton House; it is truly a family. Everyone is supportive of each other. I also love our residents. I learn something new each time I'm with them; they touch us so much. I enjoy traveling, swimming, running, biking, reading, the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Andy Carroll, Food Service Manager
I've cooked professionally for over 20 years. I've been cooking since age 6 thanks to the tutorship of my grandmother. Cooking at Barton House is cooking with a human touch. I have personal interaction with all our residents. I am familiar with the particular dietary nuances and requirements of each individual resident. In my spare time I sculpt. When I'm not molding a meat loaf or boiling pasta I can be found at my ceramics co-op rolling slabs of clay or firing pots.


Joycelen Lankford, MS Activity Director
I began working with the Dementia population in 1999. I enjoy working with the excellent people at Barton House and helping our wonderful residents. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoor sports activities, live music and reading.

Lynette Butler, CMA, CNA, Activity Director
"I graduated from the school of hard knocks; with a Ph.D. in survival. Along the way I spent two decades with Uncle Sam, and raised a daughter who now resides in Arizona. I've always had an affinity for our elders; they are our past and future. In 1996, Barton House beckoned to me; the manifestation of my dream job began working in the medical field around 1985 and for the last 10 years I've worked with Alzheimer's and Dementia. The camaraderie of the staff and the feeling of joy and accomplishment when a resident or family member tells you that they are glad you're here is what I enjoy most about Barton House. In my spare time I enjoy reading, making jewelry and spending quality time with friends. I currently live in Austin with my husband of twenty-four years. I love Barton House and all who work, and dwell within."  

Barbara Purcell, Cosmetologist
Barbara is a licensed Cosmetologist and also substitute teaches with Lockhart ISD while working part-time on a degree in education. Her hobbies are sewing, swimming and snow-skiing.

Lela T. Navarro, LMT, EMT-P, Education Coordinator
For the past ten years, Lela worked in Chiropractic/Physical Rehab. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, working part time with a chiropractor in Round Rock, and is also a paramedic. When not working she's usually traveling around Mayan ruins in Mexico. 

Sharon Mobley, Program Liaison,
aka the
Kitchen Goddess
This is my first experience working with people who have Dementia. I began working at Barton House in April of 1996. My first job was cooking and meal planning. I now help coordinate programs for our residents. I enjoy being with our wonderful, wonderful residents. They make coming to work every day a pleasure! In my spare time I enjoy gardening, working with clay, the outdoors and my grandchildren.


T.J. Stolz, Cook

I studied psychology in college and have always been interested in the human mind.. I enjoy conversations I have with our residents, and I also enjoy playing the piano for them. In my spare time I enjoy my son, growing plants and playing music.


Mena Stolz, Cook
My husband got me interested in Barton House. I enjoy the interaction I get with the residents through the kitchen. The kitchen sounds and smells always brings our residents smiles our way. Like my husband T.J., I enjoy spending time with our son, hiking, camping and all things outdoors!

Doris Collier, Personal Care Attendant
I've been with Barton House since June of 1997. During the interview I was given a tour and fell in love with our facility, which is like a home. The staff was very nice and welcomed me to Barton House. I enjoy being able to assist our residents in their daily needs and making them happy. Just to see the smiles on their faces is a reward for me. The staff is a great family. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, fishing, concerts, traveling and my family and friends.

Laura Poe, LVN

I have been working with the elderly since 1997. I have a grandmother with AD and have enjoyed helping this population greatly. I enjoy the friendly and helpful staff at Barton House. Everyone here authentically cares and it shows! Socializing with friends, sculpting, reading, swimming, camping and video games are things I enjoy in my spare time.


Regina Pettry, Personal Care Attendant
I have been working with the elderly since I was very young. I have enjoyed it and have continued it through the years. I really enjoy being around our residents. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, camping and spending time with my grandson.

Joyce Berry, Personal Care Attendant
I enjoy Barton House because they are very good to our residents. I love working here and am very proud to be an employee at Barton House. In my spare time I enjoy reading, shopping, movies, camping and traveling.

Kimberlee Kinney, Personal Care Attendant

I began in healthcare going to work with my mother, who is an LVN. I became interested in working in the healthcare setting and have been working at Barton House for 2 years. I enjoy being with our residents and helping them with their daily activities. In my spare time I enjoy friends, the outdoors and reading.

Cesar Edwardo Cavazos, Personal Care Attendant

I began working at Barton House when I moved to Austin in 1996. With my experience helping my mother, who also has Alzheimer's, I feel I better understand the needs of the Barton House residents. Because Barton House is a small facility, I can spend time listening to our residents and assisting them at the same time. When not at Barton House I assist a person with Cerebral Palsy with whom I enjoy spending time with. At home I enjoy working on projects around my house.

Kathy Earles, Personal Care Attendant
I have worked in this industry for approximately ten years. I worked at Abilene State School for six years as a Direct Care Supervisor; Austin State School for two years and a group home in Indiana for two years. I like to help make life a little easier for our residents at Barton House. In my spare time I enjoy motorcycling, softball, football, and working on cars.

Eric Jason Gonzales, Personal Care Attendant
My interest in healthcare began when I was 15 years old. I studied Health Science in high school and took classes to become a CNA. I later went to trade school in San Marcos where I received my certification to work as an NA. Immediately began working in Austin and eventually started at Barton House. I enjoy talking to our residents about current events and hearing their opinions. In working here, I learn a lot about caring and having respect for the elderly. I enjoy those lessons the most. In my spare time I enjoy painting, building, bicycle riding and playing and listening to music. I enjoy spending time in the water; boating, rowing and swimming. I also enjoy photography.

Sara Longoria, Personal Care Attendant
I've been working in the healthcare field for 5 years. I've enjoyed taking care of the elderly. I enjoy when our residents gives me a big smile. In my time away from Barton House I watch movies, go to the lake, and I enjoy reading.


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