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Ben Acuna, Food Service Supervisor
Ben worked for the City Clerk's office as the Election Clerk for 7 1/2 years. He came to the Austin Barton House and 6 1/2 months later got his "own" kitchen at the San Antonio Barton House. When not working, Ben can be found spending time with his 2 1/2 year old daughter, Kalee.


Chrishanda Cole, PCA, CNA
"I am a certified nurse's aide. I've been doing that and private duty for about 5 1/2 years. I am currently thinking about going to school for an R.N. or a Physical Therapist. I have two children and enjoy being with people, working with computers, reading all kinds of books and doing lots of outdoor activities."


Kara D. Hartup, PCA, MA
Kara graduated from Albuquerque Job Corps as a Medical Assistant. She moved to Texas in order to find a better job. She got one, at the Barton House in San Antonio. Kara enjoys spending her free time with her daughter, Sammy.


Marlo Howard, PCA, BMA
"I have been a registered Medical Assistant for the past 3 years. I volunteer at the Ft. Sam Houston Department of Youth Activities. I am also a student at San Antonio College. I am taking a break now though, but look forward to starting back, in Spring '98, studying to become a Paramedic. In my spare time, I like to dance, sing, and play games with my 2 1/2 yr. old daughter, Clinique.


Steven J. Pritchard, CNA, MA, PCA
Having completed 5 years in the army, Steven returned home to San Antonio, to follow in his family's footsteps in the nursing field. He enjoys all outdoor activities, dancing, and music.


Barbara Purcell, Cosmetologist
Barbara is a licensed Cosmetologist and also substitutes with Lockhart ISD while working part-time on a degree in education. Her hobbies are sewing, swimming and snow skiing.


Kari Vetter, Activity Director
To complement her position as Activity Director at Barton House in San Antonio, Kari is a Certified Music Therapist who graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy. She is having a great time with the residents and staff at Barton House.



Susan Werth, RN, MS, Administrator
Susan is the fifth-generation nurse in her family and a recent transplant from St. Louis, MO. After a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, Susan received her Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from For Hays State University in Kansas. She enjoys reading mysteries and listening to a variety of music. She volunteers for Red Cross and Hospice.

About this page: Staff profiles for San Antonio Barton House, an Alzheimer's care facility with locations in Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, and Ft. Worth, Texas.

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